This page is dedicated to my granddaughter (Dalana) for whom "Lil' Miss PENCILS' is named.    The name my brother so lovingly called her by,  And grandson (Jarell)     who was with me when I introduced my dolls to the world.     HE LOVED BEING WITH ME IN NEW YORK SO MUCH!  He drew a picture of Him and I.   HE WROTE...."I ADMIRE

In the mid 80's I worked for a doll company that  made   dolls.  My job was dressing the dolls.  The dolls they made were  telling the story of my people during  slavery. 
 One day I had an epiphany.  " I should be making dolls
and telling the story of my people"!

  It didn't take long before I was dressing my own dolls.     
I was a designer/seamstress for many years in New
 Orleans at that time. I added a bit of history with my dolls. 

 I was passionate about my dolls and wanted to show my
 sisters their beauty even during slavery. The puplic loved
my dolls.  Being the adventures person that I am....
in 1996 I moved to New York. My business "Simply Sassy
Custom Desgins" was started.
After attending numerous doll shows...I wanted to
hand make some of my own dolls, and I did.  The hand
made dolls were loved even more. 

My friend ( Bessie) bought many of my dolls to take to the Caribbean.  The dolls were all over, even at Macy's in
Brooklyn. .The name "Sassy Dolls" came from the name I
affectionately call my daughter, Sassy.
I hope you can appreciate the love, care and attention to detail that goes into the making of each doll.
Although they are made in the same manner, they all seem
to take on their own unique character.    

My clients recieve the dolls fresh and beautifu because I
choose to make them as ordered.

Mary Jane

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